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This section is all about what I have done or am doing to create a life where I feel free to be enabling me to do more of what lights me up. If it can help me, I know it can help you too 🤩

Financial Freedom

If it wasn’t for Modern Wealthy I wouldn’t be here today. This community is all about helping people create an online business that not only lights them up but saves them time using systems that can run on auto-pilot. Hey, who doesn’t like the idea of earning income whilst they sleep 🤗

Time Freedom

Get organized, Yes, it takes time to do so but the amount of time you save from knowing where everything is when you need it is absolutely priceless. And have I spoken into creating a business that allows you to use systems that run on autopilot? Systems I use are:

AWeber: for all the emails I send out to potential and actual customers

Convertri: a major player in helping me to make registration systems that give potential customers access to free stuff that lead to sales. So easy to use and operates faster than any other


Taking Responsibility

There are 2 types of people in this world, victims ands those that take responsibility. The thing about being a victim is it means you are not able to empower yourself to create a life that lights you up, let alone enjoy it. The things I believe you need to take responsibility for to create a life that allows you to do more of what lights you up are:

Health: Your health is truly your wealth not to mention the fact that without it, it’s pretty hard to do what it is that lights you up

What you create (or co-create): I believe we are the creators of our external world. If we want the external to change, we need to change the internal