Achieving a life of as much freedom as possible and helping others do the same in my passion.

By freedom I mean:

Maintaining the physical freedom to do the things we love by remaining functional and supplying the body with the nutrients it needs

Overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold so many people back from achieving their desires

Achieving the financial and time freedom required to do more of what people love to do

Exercise Is A Must.
Our bodies are designed to move – if we don’t move it we lose it. I lead by example and enjoy minimalist running, cycling, strength training and Bodybalance (a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates).

Getting Back To Our Natural State.
I believe we are born to be free, happy and successful, however, years of conditioning can beat the freedom, happiness and success right out of us.

I believe we can all achieve the type of success we desire through the choices we make each and every day, with one of those choices being how we earn income.

Eating A Natural Diet.

We are born to eat a natural diet. The less processed food we consume the better. Eating natural for me is going predominately Vegan. I know going Vegan is not for everyone but I definitely believe our diet should be made up of more foods provided by nature and less by factories.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure.
Small things done consistently can mean the difference between leading a full and functional life or having to deal with some kind of dis-ease. Exercise, eat well, think well and live well.