Horse riding: My love of riding and horses extends back to my childhood. My Aunty owned a horse which I rode from childhood through to the age of around 20. Without a horse of my own, I took a long break from riding as I promised myself I would not own a horse until I had a property outside of the city (my ultimate dream). I made the decision in February 2016 to start horse riding lessons and I am absolutely loving it. Whenever I ride I feel as though I have come home.


Music: My partner Paul and I love nothing better than to share a couple of bevies and crank up the tunes on our night off together, or, go and see live music. There’s nothing like music to evoke emotion. Paul just happens to be a fantastic acoustic guitar player, and, someday, I’d like to learn an instrument too.


Gardening: I wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any means but there’s nothing like the instant gratification gained by doing a spot of gardening, be that a general tidy up, planting new plants or vege’s, pruning a few plants, or fertilizing. The garden always smiles when it is given attention.


My Ultimate Dream?
I look forward to one day owning the dream house on a country property with Paul. I will own horses of my own with the way I earn income being structured around the time I need to attend to my horses, as well as all my other interests and necessities. I believe online marketing can provide this for me.