My Ideal Day

This day is perfect… This day is perfect…It’s 6th November 2023. I’ve woken up naturally in my dream home that my partner and I designed with the help of an environmental architect. I check the time, it’s 7 am. I feel inspired to get up.

I head to the kitchen to see it’s a glorious sunny morning. I grab a crispy fresh apple to munch and head into the mudroom to put on my training gear with gumboots. I head straight out to see my babies, Divi and Coopa and as soon as my babies see me, they come cantering to the gate awaiting their feed.

I head into the stables to the feed room, grab them a biscuit each of wheat ‘n hay then hang out with them for a while as they eat.

I leave them to eat peacefully by themselves to go for a run around the property and through a nearby national park. I enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful country scenery  – something I will always appreciate every time I run, not to mention seeing the local kangaroos out and about.

I arrive back at the property and head to a spot that overlooks my horses and their paddock. I use the railway sleeper bench to stretch and then sit and meditate. I feel so much gratitude for my life and a complete state of bliss overcomes me.

I head back to the house. My partner is up enjoying his morning routine. We chat about our plans for the day as I grab my breaky. I then head to my office to check on emails and other correspondence. WooHoo, I’ve received 5 more of those special emails from Stu and Jay. I make sure I email my new members to arrange a call. I love meeting them for the first time and picking up off their enthusiasm to get started with their new business

It’s 10:30 am. Time to head out and ride.

I choose to ride Coopa first. I grab his halter that’s hanging near the gate and as soon as he notices me he comes trotting up to me. I place his halter on and lead him to the tacking-up area. I love that I don’t have to tie him up at all. He stands there peacefully for me as I put give him a quick brush, clean out his feet, and put on his saddle and bridle. We head to the outdoor arena.

He’s such a dream to ride. We work on our dressage routine for next Sunday’s comp. I reckon he knows the routine better than me now. I really believe we’ve got a good chance of winning a ribbon. After 30 mins of focusing on our routine I take him out to the back paddock and we go for a gallop. I feel so free and Coops loves it too. I walk him back to the tack-up area to un-tack and take him to the hose-down area for a good hose down – he’s worked up quite a sweat. I scrape him down and take him back to the side paddock where Divi is.

It’s Divi’s turn next. She’s my OTTB. I’ve had her for a year now and she’s coming along quite nicely – she’s so sweet and just wants to do her best for me. I’ve got my riding coach Lana coming at 12 pm to help me work with Divi. I decide to do a bit of groundwork with her first today – a bit of de-sensitizing and bending work, before tacking her up and warming her up some more. Lana helps me gain a better connection with Divi and we do a lot of 20-meter circle work too. After the session, I work on teaching Divi that “rest” spots are where I choose them to be. I dismount at the opposite end of the arena and walk Divi to the tack area where I untack her, take her for a hose down and let her loose with Coops out in the paddock.

What I love best is the time I spend with them after the ride. There’s no greater feeling than the bond I have with Coops and Div and I enjoy just chillin’ with them out in the paddock, creating an even greater connection

It’s 1:30 pm. Time to head back to the house for lunch. I make myself a nice tofu salad and sit out on the decking so as not to waste such a gorgeous sunny day. I can see Coops and Div grazing, not to mention the absolutely stunning country view. We’ve had a mild summer so far so everything is still quite lush and green and there’s just enough of a breeze to hear the surrounding tree leaves gently rustling. I soak it all in as I enjoy simply eating and watching my babies graze.

Then it’s time to hit the shower, wack a bit of makeup on cos this afternoon it’s time to shoot a new ad. Because it is such a glorious day, and the fact our property is nowhere near any major roads, I can shoot the ad outside.

The recording goes amazingly. I get it done in a coupla takes ‘cos I know my message so well now. I head into my office to start the editing process. I’m able to complete editing in a couple of hours ready to upload it to YT. I’ll set up my new campaign tomorrow.

It’s now just after 5 pm. Time to head out and be with my babies. I get them fed and rugged up for the night. I love sitting with them for a while as they eat. I often meditate to the sound of their scuffling and munching through their hay

It’s now just after 6 pm. Time to head in. I have a 1-hour webinar at 6:30 pm connecting with my members to help guide them through their education and journey. It’s great to see their progress and I really enjoy being with them ‘cos we all get along so well. We’re like family

My partner is home now. We cook a meal together and spend time chatting about our day. I love that he is able to live his dream now. We chill on the couch watching a show on Gaia.

It’s 9:30 pm and I’m soooo ready for bed. I kiss my partner goodnight and head to the bedroom. I decide to leave the curtains open tonight. It’s getting close to a full moon and it’s nice to be able to see the property lit up by the moon. It’s so peaceful, not a sound to be heard. I hop into our warn cozy bed feeling so satisfied and grateful for the amazing day I’ve had. I drift off to sleep within seconds.