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Having completed High School with no idea of what career I wanted to pursue, I went about working a variety of jobs to make ends meet. These jobs included working as a kitchen hand, cocktail waitress, cleaner, child care worker, car yard hand, and cashier.

After 3 years working unfulfilling jobs I was given a definite sign to become an Aerobics Instructor. This led to a 17-year career in the fitness industry, hence the reason I am so passionate about keeping fit and remaining functional. Working as an Instructor and Personal Trainer, as well as working within middle management of a local government run fitness centre, resulted in 10 – 12 hour days.

I was lucky enough to work within a Community focused fitness centre where the main focus was to ensure as much of the community as possible were able to use the facilities it provided. Much of the community were of a low social economic background, so any pressure to make money was non-existent.

The day came when Local Government decided to shut the fitness centre down. All who worked there were to lose their jobs. Many of the staff moved on to work in private fitness centres or to work for Local Council. I knew I did not want to work in “corporate” land for Local Government or the pushy “sales” land of a privately run fitness centre. Pushy sales is so not my thing.

I have a strong belief that my thoughts, feelings, words and actions create my future. I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted to pursue once the fitness centre shut down, so, rather than stress, I focused on remaining calm with the knowledge that something would come to me (just like when I received that sign to become an Aerobics instructor).

I did not receive a sign, but a friend of my Partner offered me work within his business. I went from working in the Fitness Centre to working as a Sub-Contractor for an Asbestos Air Monitoring and Inspection Company.

From Structure and Security to No Structure and Complete Insecurity

My life took a complete 180-degree turn. I went from a job that had a definite weekly set roster and definite weekly income to a job that was very insecure, where I had no idea if I would work until 6pm the night before (if I was given work at all), where I would be dealing with tradies who did not seem to believe in being on time, where I had no real idea of what time my jobs for the day would finish, and where my income would, at times, barely cover the cost of my weekly groceries, let alone my other financial commitments. I was definitely faced with many personal challenges which I feel I faced head on.

To Work Jobs At Completely Opposite Ends Of The Scale Served A Wonderful Purpose

It enabled me to better understand myself.

I learned so much about myself including how I did not want to earn income, which then taught me how I would like to earn income. I learned that I enjoy working from home, I enjoy being my own boss and, via many circumstances the Air Monitoring job threw at me, I knew I would enjoy being able to structure the way I earn income around my life’s priorities and passions.

I’d overcome many mental blockages working as an Air Monitoring Technician, but, no matter how much mental work I did I knew “the job” would always be “the job”.

I identified 3 characteristics of the job that I needed to eliminate:

  1. The inability to earn a decent income unless “the job” became ridiculously demanding. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.
  2. The fact Air Monitoring would never enable me to live my dream. I’ve reached an age where I realise it’s now or never, and if it’s now, I need to make some serious changes.
  3. I no longer had the desire to feel like a puppet on a string which always involved having to deal with the repercussions of someone else’s incompetency. This usually involved inconvenient and unexpected changes to both my working day as well as my out of hours time. It’s time to take back full control of my life.

No matter how much I work on myself, I’ve realised the job is the job and there’s nothing I can do to change it. Sure, I can “accept” and “surrender” to it, but that does not mean having to enjoy the scenario.

How Could I Possibly Earn Income In A Way That Worked Around My Own Life Priorities, And, Would Be Something I Also Enjoyed?

I did not know.

After overcoming many of the insecurities my air monitoring job faced me with and realizing how I wanted to earn income, I made the choice to focus on feeling good and having gratitude for all things I appreciated. I also used a technique I learned from a mindset book about focusing on positive thoughts as well as going into a state of “no mind” as often as possible.

The Option to Delve Into Online Marketing Came To Me

To cut a long story short it was my partner who passed on an email he’d received with a video about starting an online business. Feel free to check out the full story in my About Me page. Not only did it all made sense to me as a way of solving my problems, but I’d have to say my decision to give it a go, and give it a go with the online community I am involved with, was very instinctive.


So Here I Am Today

I am currently learning how to build my own online business within an online community and wonderful group of mentors. As I continue to study marketing and am able to apply the knowledge I learn immediately. Applying the knowledge I learn sees me doing things I would never have imagined myself doing if I had not chosen to take this journey – things such as blogging, to video posting, to creating graphics, and even helping others achieve more of a life they desire.

I must say….

I am really enjoying my journey