I was given an exercise to complete as part of my online education to help me discover which areas of my life were out of balance and needed more attention so I could reflect on ways to improve  what I needed to in order to live a happier life – and I would like to share it with you

But before I do it’s important to know…

What Is A Balanced Lifestyle?

According to one of my mentors who’s had to learn to create happiness in his life,  there are four categories to living a balanced life

After learning what these categories are all about, I would have to say I’d agree at this point in my life

What are these categories all about?

Health: There’s a saying which goes, “your health is your wealth” because, without it, it can be difficult to focus on other areas of your life. And this is why health is considered the most critical area of being able to lead a balanced lifestyle (it’s hard to socialize, improve your career or focus on getting more in touch with yourself when you are not feeling well in your body). As far as leading a balanced lifestyle goes, health is all about exercise, nutrition, and mobility – so in essence,  it’s all about your physical wellbeing


Wealth: has to do with everything to do with your career and your finances and it also provides an opportunity to look into your money mindset and identify any “blocks” that may be preventing the flow of abundance into your life. As far as improving finances go, looking into learning how you can increase the value you provide to the marketplace – will be essential because what comes in is relative to what goes out. The more value you can provide others, the more you will get in return


Self: This is all about getting better acquainted with yourself.  How well do know and understand yourself? What daily care rituals do you have in place to maintain healthy mental wellbeing.  Are you in touch with your emotional self – because when you are in touch with your emotions it’s much easier to navigate your life – you can feel what’s working and what’s not and use your emotional guidance system to learn and grow


Social: This area of your life is everything to do with the relationships you have in your life, your social life, your hobbies, your interests, and the amount of fun you have. These things can often be overlooked at the expense of other things but these things need to be given as much priority because, without ‘em, life can get pretty dull and boring

When leading an unbalanced lifestyle, too much of one thing can lead to too little of other important things which can result in feelings of unhappiness and even unfulfillment

Of course what balance means to one person can be completely different from another so there is no strict rule as to what leading a balanced lifestyle is all about

But the questionnaire I’m about to share with you will be a great starting point to help you reflect and gain the insights you need to live a more balanced life and therefore a happier life – in fact, it could lead you to live your best life

So if you’re ready to discover areas of your life that need a little more attention in order to lead a happier life click the link below to receive your questionnaire

Enjoy – and please let me know how you went – I’d love to hear from you