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Do you know when “the right time” is?


What type of thoughts lead you to believe when the right time is?


Why can’t the right time be now?


What is it that’s really stopping you?


It’s so easy to get caught up in the mind, isn’t it?

But what about the heart?


You know, back in 2016 when I first discovered the concept of running an online business I was one angry chappy

I worked a job I hated that had me on call pretty much 24/7 in an industry I have no passion for and for people that in no way resonated with the person I was or ever wanted to be

I certainly learned what I didn’t want which helped me define what I did want….

And that was to earn income in a way that would allow me to prioritise the things I love to do in life

Where I could place income-earning activities as a second priority

Because I’d had enough of having to sacrifice my own personal time



I remember feeling frustrated cos I had no idea of any kind of job that would fulfil my desire

Thankfully the concept of running an online business came to me and when it did I pretty much jumped at the chance

Call me crazy, but I didn’t really think about it too much – I let my intuition guide me because I knew my heart and my gut would never lead me astray. I saw the potential of starting my own affiliate marketing business and snapped it up pretty darn quick



Going Gung-Ho


Once I joined SFM I went head down bum up into the education ‘cos I wanted out of my job ASAP

I knew about affiliate marketing but had no idea of what type of products I wanted to promote or what my so-called “niche” would be so I went with the affiliate option SFM offers

I avoided speaking with my business consultant out of fear of being sold, not knowing at the time that he was there to help guide me on the right business path, and pretty much rushed through the modules

Soon after I got stuck into advertising on the recommended beginners platform, Microsoft’s Bing

And can I tell you something?

My marketing efforts were…what can only be best described as…


There’s something in the industry known as “Vanilla Marketing” and I was doing it. I was advertising to everyone, and, when you advertise to everyone, essentially you are advertising to no one

Perhaps it was a good thing…


My intentions weren’t exactly in the right place at the time. I was angry and just wanted an escape route from my job and, possibly, my life at the time



My Journey Then Redirected Me


I got busy doing a lot of other stuff like email marketing and constructing my own website (even though SFM provide you with a website when you start, so you can start marketing to earn money and not have to focus on these other tasks until you become proficient at the skill of actually marketing)


It took 2 and a half years of keeping myself busy not becoming a good marketer before I finally “broke”

I realised I was keeping myself very busy but getting no results

My inspiration diminished, I figured what’s the point of being so busy when it’s getting me no-where



This Was When My Real Journey Began


I reached out for help from the SFM team (something I didn’t find easy to do at the time)

I received mentorship to guide me back in the right direction because where I was headed…well it was getting me no-where fast

I learned the concept of creating a specific target audience (rather than trying to advertise to everyone)

And I tried my best to advertise to my target audience

But my ads always ended up bombing

And what happens when a person feels as though they have worked their butt off to only keep failing

Well, this little black duck had a bit of a breakdown

She ended up becoming emotionally detached

And that’s when the overcoming of past events in my life needed attending to

Past events caused limiting beliefs which resulted in limiting my potential

And it was as I was becoming aware of this I decided to finally attend a live SFM marketing event held in QLD

And it was at this event I had a major realisation of why my marketing attempts had failed

feel free to watch my video journal of this event here


So I came to some major understandings of myself and why certain beliefs were ingrained into me as a youngster and how they affected my life both now and in the past



So It Was Time To Get Back Into The Marketing


But this time, it was more about figuring out how to help others and finding the people I can truly help rather than figuring out the quickest possible way to escape my job

I started out by advertising to people who wanted more fulfilment in their lives

That kinda went OK but it didn’t quite get there for me



And then I found my true message, which, looking back in hindsight, was a real no brainer


It was to help people live their dream life

Because that’s what I’m all about

So much of what I do is all about living my dream

And as much as I’ve tried to let my dream go…let go of needing to achieve it because I “should” be happy with the life I live now… it’s kinda like having an itch you can’t scratch and will never be able to scratch unless you achieve the dream



So Did I Start Too Early?


Should I have known what I was going to do with regards to running my own online business?

Should I have known my niche, my message and the people I wanted to help?

Or was it the journey of getting started that allowed me to find my path?

I’ll let you decide