Feel as though you’re not moving forward in life?

Perhaps it’s because you don’t know what to do??

Or maybe you’re not making the progress you’d like to be making to achieve a goal, a desire or a dream???


But…Are You Ever Truly Stuck With They Way Things Are Right Now?


I was reminded not so long ago of how life can change in a single second.

A smile from a passer-by can be an instant “feel good”.

It can take a second to go from crying to laughing.

In a split second, I’ve dropped to the pavement on my bike because my back tyre has slipped on a slippery surface and I’m left out of action for weeks.

It takes but a mere second to hit send on an email or text with a message that could change your life.

So if life is changing every second, how can we be truly stuck?

If life is changing all the time…

Then so can we.


 “If you don’t like something change it.

If you can’t change it,

Change your attitude”

Maya Angelou



I think everyone goes through periods where they feel stuck. I know I sure have.


I felt stuck in a job I hated.

I felt stuck when I wasn’t creating the success I wanted with my business.

I felt stuck progressing my horse riding skills with only 1 lesson a week.

I’ve felt stuck with what I perceived progress to be in many different areas of my life.



But can you see a pattern in all of this?

Can you see that every time I’ve felt stuck it’s always when I’ve felt bad about something?

Have you noticed how many people tend to do the same?

They never feel stuck when they’re feeling good.


Imagine feeling as though you’re stuck in happiness, stuck in feeling too much love, stuck constantly feeling gratitude for all you have.



But no…

For some reason, it’s only when things are going bad that people can tend to easily predict more bad for the future.

In the good times, during feelings of happiness, gratitude, and a state of love, that’s when people tend to take all the feel-good for everything it is worth in the moment, and, once it’s over, let it go.

Have you ever noticed how when some people are feeling less than positive about what’s going on in their lives…

They end up taking on more pain and assume that the next day will be the same?

Is this why some people say it’s easier to think negatively 🤔


A person can reach a downstate of mind where they find it easy to decide that tomorrow will be the same…

as will the next day and the next day…

…and there we have it

That person is feeling stuck.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this behaviour in yourself at times? I know I sure have.

If you have experienced this before, did you notice that once you’re feeling stuck it’s then easy to keep on justifying it, re-living it and feeling it even more?

And the thing to understand about all this is…



It’s All False

And What People Are Actually Creating

Is A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


Once a person has done this it’s up to them to make the choice to move past it


“If you continue looking at the world with the same dirty lens, then nothing will be able to get through the foggy judgement”

JJ Jackson


But why is it easier to live in fear of hard times?

Could it be a lack of acceptance?

After all, it’s far easier to accept happy moments than it is to accept the not so happy ones.


But the thing is, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, a big part of growing as a person requires acceptance of all situations.


Which brings me to…..


The Power Of Response – What matters is what you choose to do about it


So many people make themselves miserable because they can not accept life as it is presented to them in the “here and now”

I remember going through hell for quite a few months complaining about the fact my boss was constantly throwing unexpected work at me at the last minute which interrupted the things I enjoyed doing out of work hours. At one point, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I was split seconds away from smashing plates in such a state of anger I almost scared myself. Would you believe the only reason I didn’t do it was because that would mean having to clean up the mess afterwards ( lol )

In essence, I was one of those miserable people  🙁 


The Trick Is To Let Go

The only thing anyone really has any control over is themselves and there are always different ways of perceiving things.


How many people do you know have used pain as a motivator to make changes they’d never make otherwise?

I know if I didn’t reach a point where I felt stuck in a job I loathed I would have never started a new path to learning how to start my own online business. And if it wasn’t for discovering the possibilities of what an online business can provide, I would have felt stuck in a life where I settled for less, abandoning my dream not to mention a part of myself.


A person’s response is always more powerful than their circumstance.

A tiny part of life is decided by completely uncontrollable circumstances BUT a vast majority of people’s lives are decided by their response…

and how they respond will determine the life they create for themselves in the future.



No matter what is going on with life, there are always choices people can make to change things.

One of the most effective ways, if not the most effective way for people to move from what they don’t want is to move towards something they do want.

The trick is to start gradually and keep the consistency up.


Do you feel stuck with any aspect of your life right now?

Perhaps it’s time to question yourself.

For example…

Why do you feel stuck…what is it exactly that is making you feel as though you are stuck? When you’ve answered this question ask yourself “why”again. Why has the answer to the question left you feeling stuck – keep asking yourself why as many times as you can to get to the deep-rooted belief as to why you feel so stuck.

What can you do, no matter how small the action may be, to get “unstuck?

What do you want?

What step can you take now that will help you get what you want?

How can you start working towards that want on a more regular basis?

These are just some questions you can ask yourself.

It might be worth speaking to someone you know who is supportive and has the ability to offer you some genuine advise with regards to doing what it takes to move you past that feeling of “stuckness”


Remember there is always something you can do to move yourself forward


Even if it’s a tiny step because things done in small steps result in big changes over time and any efforts towards achieving your want is never wasted – they make you stronger, more educated and more experienced.

So when the going gets tough and you’re feeling stuck.

Be patient.

Focus on what it is you actually want.

Then keep going – take those consistent steps it will take to get there, no matter how small those steps will be on some days.

Another thing to remember is that struggle doesn’t mean you are failing.

From what I’ve seen of success it seems  that struggles (aka challenges) are needed to push people beyond there comfort zones and it’s outside of these comfort zones is where the magic happens.


No matter how long it takes always have an underlying belief that you are gonna make it and things will work out


You’ve Got This 👊