Starting the journey towards creating a successful online business from scratch is as exciting as it is challenging


The excitement comes from starting a new chapter, one that has the potential to create that dream life you yearn for


The challenges come from the learning of things that can seem completely foreign


But you wanna know what the biggest challenge of them all is?



Dealing With Your Own Mind



Ever noticed how some people are always late or are accident-prone or seem to spend all their money as soon as they get it. Usually, it’s because they have some sort of belief about themselves which was developed during their childhood.  And it’s these same type of belief systems that can cause people to sabotage themselves from achieving their online business goals.  Personal inner beliefs or blockages can prevent people from achieving their success unless they become aware of them and then do the work required to overcome them.


And quite often, these deep-seated limiting beliefs are unknown to people unless they take on a big enough challenge that exposes them.


I truly believe, from personal experience, that the journey to achieving a successful online business will expose limiting beliefs that, if not dealt with, will prevent a person from creating their success


And then it becomes a decision of either quitting and settling for less (because people who start this journey usually want so much more) or sticking at it and working through those limiting beliefs to overcome them


My Story


I reached a point with my online business where I just couldn’t seem to get beyond a certain level of success. I’d get my advertising up and running but they always seemed to bomb out after a certain amount of time. This continued to be the case for quite a while.


As you could imagine, I really started to question whether or not I was cut out for this whole online entrepreneurship thing and I seriously debated quitting. I had gone through every intellectual possibility I could handle as to why my ads weren’t as successful as I wanted them to be with no resolution


I reached a point where, because I had failed so many times, I shut down completely on an emotional level. My mind decided it was better to not feel anything than to feel the pain of so many disappointments with fear of never making it



I remember thinking that maybe it just wasn’t in my destiny to run a successful online business and I was born to be a worker working for someone else’s dreams rather than my own. Perhaps I was put on this planet for a different purpose


But deep down I just couldn’t accept this to be true. I know I create my own reality because I’ve experienced it many times before.  I also knew I could not settle for anything less than my dream life and this whole online business thing was my only real option considering my financial position


Thankfully I chose not to quit and continue my online journey. In fact, I went one step further


After being a member of an education and mentorship community for 3 and 1/2 years I decided it was time to invest even more time and money to attend my first ever live event with them which was to be held interstate


And I am so grateful that I did


It’s thanks to this event that I had my first big realisation


I realised my inability to really “feel” emotions, especially those really uncomfortable ones


This realisation took me back to revisit certain events in my childhood, ones I thought I had resolved


And going back helped me to understand that as a child, I learned to shut down as a form of self-preservation


Not feeling emotion makes it hard to connect with people and that’s a big part of what having a reputable business is all about  – connecting with others.


Not being able to truly feel emotions was holding me back from creating connections with anyone I advertised to


And at the time I didn’t know I lacked emotional connection from not being able to really “feel” emotions myself


I actually thought I “felt” enough


According to me, I was normal


However, challenging myself with my marketing taught me differently


I’ve also learned that these certain events in  my childhood caused other limiting beliefs, beliefs that certainly would not help me in creating my dream life


Who would have ever thought that building a successful online business would lead to healing old wounds from the past?


I’ve heard it before…


Your Business Is A Reflection Of You


Well ain’t that the truth


My business has reflected back at me issues I’ve needed to overcome


Yes, these times can be tough, but that’s the reality of the journey to success. It’s not all roses and rainbows


So is it worth it?


Hell yes!


Because settling for less would feel a hell of a lot worse



Having the support you need during the low times is absolutely priceless and I am so grateful for the support I’ve received from the amazing online community I’m a part of. It’s the same online community that I also get the education and mentorship I need to learn how to start, build and run an online business from scratch


As far as going it alone goes, I know I couldn’t have done it and I believe having a like-minded bunch of people to connect with can be the difference between succeeding or not


If you are looking to start your own online business, and you know having the support you need is a must, not to mention being able to attend live webinars, zoom meetings and events, and even join a variety of private Facebook groups feel free to check out my website and register to receive further information about the online education, mentorship and community I am a part of