We all have things we “want” in life. There’s the material stuff like the house, the car, the gadgets, the clothes, the list goes on. There’s also the non-material things like happiness, a loving relationship, more time freedom, a better job, a healthier body, less stress…

I’m not going to get into a deep and meaningful about wanting things. What I am going to get into is the energy behind the wanting.



What The Energy Of Wanting Creates

It’s time for a bit of participation. Think of something you want in your life. Now, whatever it is you “want”, say it out loud,


“I want (insert your want)”


How did it feel when you said this?


Whether you think so or not, your thoughts, words, and actions, do create your exterior world. If you do not believe me check out some of the latest stuff on quantum physics. Better yet, have a watch of one of the “What The Bleep” movies. (Feel free to get back to me afterwards). There’s plenty of other stuff out there that’ll prove my point too.



So Here’s The Thing About “Wanting” Stuff.

When you “want” something, you put out to the Universe / God / Divine Energy (or whatever term you like to use) that you “WANT” whatever that something is. Now the Universe (I’m just gonna stick with the Universe at this point) recognises the energy behind the wanting.


Remember back to how it felt when you stated out loud that you wanted something.


What type of energy did you feel using the word “want” created within yourself?


If you are not sure, eliminate the word “want” and replace your statement with a statement which has the words “desire” or “yearn”. Instead of saying “I want X”, say, “I have the desire to own X”, or, “I yearn for X in my life”.


Can you feel the energy difference between using the word “want” as compared to using a statement that has the words “desire” or “yearn”?



The Universe recognises the energy of words.

Because everything is energy, and like energy attracts like energy, the Universe will give back the energy you put out to it. In essence, what you get back is not what you “want” but the same type of energy your “wanting” released. I don’t know about you, but for me, “wanting” has a bit of an aggressive type of energy to it together with desperation.


In essence, the Universe will just give you the same “wanting” energy, energy which doesn’t resonate with the “getting”.


There’s another way I could explain this, but, before I do, please know that I have no intention of offending anyone or any religion here.


The God I know gives unconditional love and wants to give us everything we ask for (without interfering with our co-creation process).


With that said, another way I could explain this whole “wanting” thing is that God gives you what you show God you like. When people continually want things, God can only assume that those people enjoy wanting things, so, God gives them more wanting in their lives (note; wanting is not getting). God kind of like says, “Cool, you like wanting things. No worries. I love to give you what you love so, to make you happier, I will provide you with more reasons and experiences that put you in a state of wanting”.


This is what the law of attraction, or, dare I say co-creation, is really all about.


At the end of the day, you get the same energy back as what you put out.




To take more control of what you create in your life, I highly recommend eliminating the word “want” from your vocabulary.  Replacing it with a statement that has the word “desire” or “yearn” has far better energy.



But Wait! What about those times when I got what I wanted?

I’m sure if you look back at these times, the reason you got what you wanted was that you went from a state of “wanting” to a state of “knowing”. You reached a point where you knew you could get what you wanted. Being in that state of knowing or “expectation” is a powerful creation tool. So too is being in a state where you are already truly grateful for receiving what it is you desired, but that’s a-whole-nother blog.


For the purpose of this blog, I will state that it is far better to use a statement with the word “desire” or “yearn” as compared to a statement using the word “want”


It’s time to eliminate the word “want” from your life.


I learned about eliminating the word “want” from my life by reading a great book by Andy Shaw called “Creating A Bug-Free Mind”. The book is all about eliminating thoughts that do not serve you in creating a life you desire. You can check it out on Amazon USA or Amazon Australia