If you’re anything like me then you are reading this because you’ve had enough of feeling like a puppet on a string and you’d love nothing more than to earn income in a way that allows you to take back control of your life.

Imagine being able to work a business knowing you’ll never be interrupted during your out of hours time by a boss, and, where you can schedule your working hours around doing other things you love to do.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t thanks to the digital economy we now live in.

Here are three online business models that will allow you to take more control of your life:

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Amazon F.B.A.
  3. Online Coaching


Let’s start by taking a closer look at Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing

image of affiliate marketing basic business model


Affiliate marketing is simply selling other people’s products or services and, in return, you make a commission.

As an affiliate marketer your job is to expose the product or service to people on the internet who you believe will purchase it.

This can be done using low-cost strategies such as writing blogs or posting on social media, or, by using paid strategies such as advertising on Youtube or Facebook.


The Best Things About Affiliate Marketing:

  • You do not need to make the final sale. This means no hard sales and no cold calling. You simply drive potential customers to a website where they can purchase the product.
  • You do not need to stock or manage any products.
  • Your focus is purely on marketing and advertising.
  • You can schedule your affiliate marketing tasks around your lifestyle.
  • You can choose to affiliate with products you are passionate about which results in a business that provides you with fulfilment.
  • You get to help people solve problems by helping them discover products that will help them in some way.
  • And you can do it all from your laptop from anywhere with a good internet connection.


The 3 Types Of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Unattached
  2. Related
  3. Involved



This simply involves you advertisings to potential customers you have no connection with what so ever. As an unattached affiliate marketer you have no other presence online and no authority within the niche of the product you are promoting. You just put ads in front of people using various search engines or social media, in hope that they click on your ad and decide to make a purchase so you get your commission.

This can be an attractive form of affiliate marketing due to the fact there is minimal commitment involved and less time needed to devote to your business. It takes time to build trust and a reputation with people online. As an unattached affiliate marketer, you do not need to spend the extra time building that trust.


This involves having some online presence, perhaps as a blogger, podcasting, or creating videos. Within your online presence, you have links to products related to your niche, but not products you actually use. For example, your niche might be fitness so you may have a link to a certain brand of fitness equipment that you do not use, or, perhaps a personal trainer you’ve never trained with.


This is where you are an affiliate marketer for products and or services you actually use and believe in. You do this via actual content as compared to just placing an ad. You might use a blog or a video to talk about and recommend a product you use. It’s your involvement and experience of the product that makes it attractive to others. However, for this kind of affiliate marketing, you need to gain peoples trust and become an authority within your niche. That takes time, and it definitely takes commitment.


I’d highly recommend working towards becoming an involved affiliate marketer. I believe building some kind of trust with potential clients is golden, especially with regards to building a highly successful, long-term, affiliate marketing business. People who trust you are more likely to buy from you again and again.


The next business model  I will explain is a physical products business


Amazon F.B.A. (Fulfillment By Amazon)

image amazon fulfillment


Did you know that the vast majority of products sold by Amazon are not actual “Amazon” products? Third party sellers (known as merchants)  use Amazon to sell their own products online with Amazon taking a small commission.

The thng that puts a lot of people off of starting their own physical product business is the fact they have no product to sell and no manufacturing factory to produce a product. The reality is that neither do most of the merchants on Amazon.

What most of the merchants using Amazon do is source a product that is already in demand from a manufacturing factory. Upon sourcing the product they can discuss with the manufacturer how they would like to add their own spin to the product. The manufacturer then produces the product and can ship it to an Amazon warehouse where it can be stored until the product is sold. These warehouses can be found in the U.K, Europe, the U.S.A and Australia.


The Advantages Of Using Amazon F.B.A. To Sell Your Products:

  • Great for anyone who doesn’t really want to learn the ins and outs of marketing or feels marketing is not their strong point. Because Amazon is so well known globally, anyone who’s starting their own product line business does not have to be concerned with marketing a brand new website that no-one knows about.
  • Merchants are able to expose their product to the millions of people who look for products on the Amazon website. This works well for people who are starting up their physical products business because the bigger the customer audience, the more potential there is to start making good money quicker.
  • Amazon has the amazing infrastructure already  – and it’s not just about their website, it’s their entire purchase and delivery system. Imagine being able to source a product to sell online that has such an efficient purchase process already. There’s no payment system for you to set up or refund system for that matter. This saves you a hell of a lot of set up time.
  • People also know that Amazon delivers a very well trusted and well-organised product delivery process. From standard delivery to Amazon Prime (1 – 2 days)  and Amazon Prime Now (1 – 2 hours), there aren’t too many well-seasoned physical based product businesses who can compete with that.


You’d have to agree that Amazon F.B.A is a very powerful way to get started with a physical products business. The thing about it is that a lot of the success will come from how well you educate yourself about the business model and all the processes that are involved.


Last, but certainly not least…


Online Coaching

image of lady watching online coaching session


Do you have a particular skill or talent that can help others?

If so, you can start your own online coaching business.


Have you ever thought about becoming a coach but decided against it because you just couldn’t really be bothered having to physically travel somewhere, especially if your coaching business requires out of hours sessions because your participants work normal jobs, or, perhaps whilst starting out you still need to work normal hours as well.

And then there’s the problem of people not showing up to a coaching session. There’s nothing worse than expecting 20 people to show up for a group session and only 7 people actually do.


Becoming an online coach has many advantages which include having the ability to:


  • Coach people worldwide – Imagine having a worldwide customer audience. This increases income earning potential big time.
  • Provide clients with pre-recorded education lessons – You can build up your own video of coaching recordings and use them over and over again. Someone can be watching your recording whilst you’re actually asleep in bed. You could use recorded lessons to add more value to your clients so they can watch them between live sessions with you. A great way to build an awesome reputation.
  • Set up an online community or members only area – There’s a lot of power in online communities especially when they are all of like mind and have similar goals. You could leverage the likes of Facebook to set up a private community that only your clients can access giving them all a chance to connect in a safe environment and discuss anything to do with your coaching advice.
  • Provide one to one private sessions – There are various technologies available that allow you to meet up with others face to face online. The most well known would be Skype. I often have meetings with others using the Zoom app and I’m sure there are many more.
  • Automate the payment process – Allow people the convenience of paying online and pre-payment ensures you get your money.


Having an online coaching course is also far more time efficient for the client (not to mention yourself) as they do not have to travel to and from a coaching session. This opens up the opportunity for busy people, who would not normally attend, to attend.




Imagine being able to start an online business from scratch during your spare time and build it up over time to a point where you could leave your current job. How great would it be to be able to take back full control of how you work and when you work knowing you can schedule working hours around the other things you love to do.

Affiliate marketing, Amazon F.B.A. and online coaching are 3 business models that provide you with the opportunity to do just that.


So what’s the catch?

To become successful with either of these three business models it’s important to get the right kind of education. The most important kind of education with regards to affiliate marketing and online coaching will be how to market your product online.

No marketing = No business.

As far as Amazon F.B.A is concerned you will need to learn about the business model and all it’s processes inside out.

There is a lot of free training out there on the internet. Type “how to market an online business” into the Google or YouTube search engine and you could spend thousands of hours listening to a variety of different opinions, not to mention get drawn into the thousands of get rich quick schemes that are out there.

If your desire is to attain a certain lifestyle, one that allows you to fire your boss and take back full control of your work life, you need to be willing to invest both time and some money into achieving that lifestyle. Nothing good in life comes easy, right?

If you’d like information about starting an online business, in exchange for your name and email address I can send you 7 videos over 7 days. You’ll meet two of my mentors who will help you gain more of an understanding of online business and how to go about starting your own from scratch.

Yes please, I’d love to find out more!