In the next couple of moments I’m gonna share with you a daily pill that, if you take it, will:
  1. Increase your metabolism, making it easier to lose weight
  2. Increase bone mass, ensuring your bones remain strong
  3. Improved your strength, making you more functional and therefore able to do all the things you enjoy
  4. Decreased your chances of ever incurring an injury, including back pain
  5. Improved your posture
  6. Boost your mood and stimulate your mind
  7. Decreased stress and anxiety
  8. Prevented pain
Are you ready?



Benefits Of Strength Training For Women 40+



Increase Your Muscle Mass

Once we hit the age of 25-30 years, if we do not do some form of strength training we begin to lose muscle. This can lead to increases in body fat and a higher risk of injury.


Increase Your Metabolism

Calorie burning happens inside your muscles. The less muscle you have, the less calorie burning that takes place inside your body. Less calorie burning results in an increase in body fat.

A strength training session will also burn up extra calories for up to 24 hours after your session is completed. After an intense workout, your muscles continue to use up extra oxygen. known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (E.P.O.C). This excess oxygen consumption causes the breakdown of fat stores.


Increase Your Bone Mass

Strength training increases your bone mass. The best way to prevent osteoporosis is to weight train. The stronger the bones the less likely they are to break.


Increases Your Strength

Strength training makes you stronger. The stronger you are the more functional you are. The more functional you are, the more you can do. When you can physically do more you are able to enjoy more of what life has to offer you.

Stronger muscles are better able to protect your bones from breaking during any kind of fall. There’s a belief that having an extra layer of fat is beneficial for a fall because of it’s “cushioning” effect. This is a fallacy. In actual fact, it’s having strong muscles that directly surround the bone that will offer the greatest protection.


Increase Your Joint Stability and Health

Strengthening your muscles appropriately will lead to strengthening your ligaments and tendons. Having strong tendons and ligaments means your joints will be more stable therefore decreasing the risk of any injuries. The action of performing weight training exercises increases the amount of synovial fluid within the joints. Synovial fluid is basically a lubricator to the joints, therefore keeping them healthy. Increasing the amount of synovial fluid within joints will also decrease pain experienced with arthritis.


Improve Your Posture

Strengthening the muscles of the back and core results in better posture, therefore decreasing the likelihood of back pain.


Boost Your Mood

Strength training in releases endorphins. Endorphins fight depression, stimulate the mind, decrease feelings of stress and anxiety, and prevent pain.



With All These Great Reasons To Strength Train, Why Is It That So Many Women Still Choose Not To?


1. The biggest fallacy of them all;

Fear Of Bulking Up.


So is it true? Will you bulk up from strength training?

The simple answer is “no”.

Women do not have enough testosterone to be able to bulk up. It’s our low testosterone levels that cause us to lose muscle from such a young age. Guys do not have the same issue until much later in life.

But what about all those bulky looking women who do bodybuilding?

They train very specifically for what they do 2 times a day, 7 days a week. They consume extreme diets which involve the use of specific supplements.

Women who do not train with the specific goal of “bulking up” will never look bulky…


They will look toned.

image of toned woman












2. Lack Of Time.

A decent strength training program should require no more than 2, 3 hours max a week. How you structure that will depend on how you train. You could spend 40 – 45 minutes on a full body session 3 times a week or split your program up for shorter more frequent sessions

I enjoy strength training at home as it allows me to achieve other household tasks in between sets of exercises.




With the benefits of strength training for women aged 40 years and over including such things as:

  • Increasing metabolism, bone mass, and functionality
  • Decreasing the chances of injury and back pain
  • Improving feelings of general well being

I really believe it is one of the top ingredients found in that elusive “fountain of youth”.

Speaking as a woman who is in her mid 40’s, and who comes from a strong fitness background, I’d have to say strength training has become one of my top priorities. If you too are a woman living in your 40’s (or above) and you have not started strength training, I highly suggest you get started as soon as possible.

I highly recommend you check in with your health professional to gain a clearance for getting started, seek out a qualified fitness trainer who can ensure you get started on the right foot, and start your strength training program as soon as possible.


Cheers to taking back control of your life by helping yourself remaining functional.


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