They say it takes being in pain to force us into change. I’d have to say working an unfulfilling job with an unorganised boss that involves being on call pretty much 24/7, having to remain ridiculously flexible throughout the working day, and not having the ability to make any real plans outside of work, was all the pain I needed to start looking into change.


But what to do? I had absolutely no idea.


What I did know was that thanks to the type of job I currently have, I no longer wanted to work for a boss, and, I wanted to be able to earn income in a way that fit around other things I loved to do. I wanted to take back complete control of my days.


What Type Of Job Exists That Would Allow Me To Be Boss Free And Earn Income Around My Passions?


I had absolutely no idea. I mean seriously, I actually thought I was a little delusional thinking there would be some type of way I could earn income in this way. But the thing is, I couldn’t let go of the thought of it. I actually made an affirmation,

“I now earn income around my lifestyle”.


First thing I did was start searching job sites to see what was out there. At this point, I will say that I have no real formal kind of education outside of my TAFE Certificate 4 in Fitness Leadership which was no great feat when it comes to looking for skilled work outside of the fitness industry. So when it came to searching for jobs, there wasn’t too much out there for someone with no other qualifications.


Where To From Here?


If you are anything like me then you believe in creating your own reality. It’s because of this belief that I knew I had to just relax about the whole scenario. Stressing about finding the right job would only create more stress, right?


And then, thanks to allowing flow into my life, it happened. I was actually on Facebook. Would you believe I had only just re-opened my account not too long beforehand? And there it was. An ad for a free book which would explain to me the business model of running an online marketing business. I’m not one for being “sucked” into ads, but for some reason, this one got to me.


I clicked on the ad and signed up to receive the free online marketing book. To cut a long story short, I read the book and thought, “yep, it’s a no-brainer, this is how I’m gonna earn income around my passions and not have to work for a boss”.


The author of the book had an offer which I checked out. I was pretty keen at this point. But it wasn’t until I mentioned something to my partner about how I discovered there’s a way to make money online that would give me the type of lifestyle I was looking for, that he then passed on some emails he’d been receiving about starting an online business to create a “lifestyle business”.


And Then I Came Across An Online Community And A Group Of Mentors


image of an online community of people






One of the emails my partner shared with me was about an online community and group of mentors that offered education on starting an online business. It contained a video which explained how the digital economy is booming and how jobs are becoming less secure and how exchanging time for money was no way to live.


It made mention of the fact that new technology is making it easier and easier to create an online business and how there are heaps of people using the internet to create successful businesses, businesses that are able to generate customers from all over the world.


I found the person speaking on the video to be very real and genuinely honest. My gut told me this was the way to go, so I decided to make contact with the online education course and the rest is history.


Interesting Stat: Did you know there are currently over 3 billion people using the internet and it’s predicted by 2020 there will be around 5 billion people. That’s an extra 2 billion potential customers.

In essence, what having an online business does is, it makes it possible to make money whilst you are asleep ‘cos the internet never closes. It also means being able to reach a larger customer base when compared with businesses that do not leverage the internet.


I Am Now Learning How To Start My Own Successful Online Business


I did it. I found my way to earn income around my passions that will enable me to leave my unfulfilling job. I actually believe the Universe helped me out with that one.


The fact the course is online means I can work my study around my life and my current job. I spend around 3 hours, 5 days a week learning how to build an online business and apply what I learn to build and run my own online business. Cutting out TV has given me that time and I can’t say I miss it, although, if there are any good shows I really want to see, (like, dare I admit it, The Bachelorette), I just record them and do a catch-up, ad-free, when I can.


I chose to start an online affiliate marketing business. The reason I chose this particular business model is because it allows me to work my own hours. When I am earning enough income to leave my current job I am going to enjoy scheduling the runnings of my business around other things I love to so such as my outdoor fitness training. Can’t wait to be able to plan my run around the weather and at I time I prefer rather than around my work.


I also love the fact that having an online business will allow me to work from anywhere. My dream has always been to live on some property outside of the city with horses, so, having an affiliate marketing business will mean I will not have to commute into the city for work. Even better than that, I won’t have to commute at all. Goodbye to peak hour traffic and the endless amount of roadworks.


Learning affiliate marketing does not come without its struggles, especially when it’s all so new. But as they say, without challenge there is no growth. I also know that without doing something completely different I will just be in the same place I am at now. Stuck in a job I dislike, working to build someone else’s dreams, and feeling like a puppet on a string.


Image of two people giving a cheers countryside

Cheers to moving towards the dream life.


If the idea of starting your own online business sounds right up your alley you are welcome to find out more about starting your own online business using the same online education platform as me.