Motivation is fired up when we desire something greater in our lives such as a healthier body, a better job, or a better life.

However, that “fire” does not last forever. If what we desire is something that will take consistent effort over a long period of time, which anything worthwhile achieving does, it is up to us to keep ourselves motivated.


So What Can We Do To Be Motivated Long Enough For Success?




1. Have A Strong Reason Why

Basically, if we don’t have a strong enough reason for “wanting” a certain outcome then it’s going to be easy to give up. Our reason for achieving whatever it is we wish to achieve as a way of improving our lives has to be strong enough or we are destined to fail.

So if you feel strongly about improving something in your life, make sure you have a clear understanding of why it is you want to achieve it and assess if that “why”  is strong enough to get you through the challenging times – because there will be challenging times.

Challenging times? Our minds (aka our “Egos”) are not wired to change so will do whatever it takes to make us quit. Doubts, worries, and all sorts of fears will set in. Thoughts like:

  • Can I do this?
  • What if I fail?
  • I’m not good enough
  • I don’t deserve success
  • I’ve failed before so I’ll just fail again
  • What if I end up looking like a fool?

Thoughts such as these can really lower our motivations levels. We have to recognise them for what they are, and that is, thoughts created my our “ego” mind to prevent us from achieving change.

Know that these thoughts are not truly your own.

I find having an understanding that the mind dislikes change helps to override these kinds of thoughts. I  also look back to past achievements to give me the ammunition I need to override my ego’s anti-change mentality.

We have all achieved many things in our lives.

We have overcome many challenges to be where we are now.

How did we do that?

  • By dealing with things as they happened.
  • By dealing with things in the present moment.


Know that you can achieve anything when you focus on the now.

The mind will also find ways to slow down our progression. One way it does this is to make us procrastinate on taking the action we need to be taking at any given moment. I find myself checking out the food pantry or fridge often when my mind is in procrastination mode, or, I end up spending too long checking emails when I should be typing away to create content for my business.

So yes, make sure your “why” is strong enough, otherwise, those “egoic” thoughts will win.




2. Commit!

You’ve chosen to make a change in your life for a strong reason so it’s time to commit. When we commit, it helps us achieve a higher level of motivation. When we commit, we are more capable of making choices that will serve us with regards to achieving our desire.


Making yourself accountable to someone can help. This is where having an accountability partner, or community, helps, people who are supportive of you and what it is you desire to achieve in your life. Weight loss companies often offer the service of meeting with a consultant at regular intervals for “weigh-ins” and advice. A person on a weight loss journey knows they will be weighed during their consult which can serve as a great motivator to stay on track.




3. Attitude Matters

It’s a fact that positive people are more motivated. Do you think someone who constantly chooses to hang on to negative thoughts and feelings will create success in their lives? People with a bad attitude generally do not achieve fulfilment or greatness.

It would, therefore, make sense that focusing on being a positive person will help us to be more motivated.

There has been a lot of research done which reveals that it is often our thoughts that create our feelings. Successful people know that their thoughts and emotions contribute to either taking action or not taking action on the required tasks they need to be doing to create their success on a daily basis.  It’s because of this successful people will choose the thoughts and emotions they know will provide their success, and the most fulfilment, on daily basis.

Being aware of our thoughts and recognising when we have thoughts that can lead to negative feelings is important. Recognising these types of thoughts allows us to work on changing them.

We all go through it at times. We have periods of feeling down in the dumps. And when we feel down we will also recognise how our thoughts have been low. Remaining in this state does not contribute to our success  – we must recognise that we are feeling down and take action to bring ourselves back up. Change the negative thoughts or get out and do something enjoyable. Whatever it takes – it’s up to us to think good and feel good – when we do, that’s when we are in a state to remain motivated.

Hanging out with positive people is a definite plus. It’s hard to be motivated when surrounded by pessimists or drama queens because their energy can be contagious and corruptive. Having a  positive social environment helps us to be more positive which has that added bonus of attracting more positive people into our lives as well as amplifying motivation levels.




4. Believe In Yourself, “Know” In Yourself

You really want to achieve something but you still find yourself lacking motivation? The reason for this would be the fact that you do not believe in yourself. You do not believe you can achieve your desire. That ego I spoke about earlier is convincing you that can’t do it because it does not want you to change, and that includes changing for the better. It doesn’t want you to change at all.

Perhaps there are too many “what ifs” going through your mind:



What if you can do it

What if you are good enough

What if you do deal with the challenges thrown at you

What if you do win.


Sure, you may make mistakes along the way, but making mistakes is our natural way of succeeding. We need to know the wrong way to find the right way. We must have no fear when it comes to the possibility of making mistakes. If we feared “making a mistake” as toddlers, we would never have learned to walk.

So believe in yourself, better yet, “know” in yourself.

I prefer to use the word “know” because it has much more power.  When I feel uncomfortable stating “I know” I can achieve X  then I  “know” I need to work on my thoughts.


A great way to find your “knowing” is to think back to other things you have achieved. When I do this I realize I can do anything I set my mind to. I use this thought whenever one of those nasty little doubts enters my mind.


I Know I Can Do Anything I Put My Mind To!


  • Know that you can learn what you need to learn to make it happen.
  • Know that you can do the daily tasks required to make it happen
  • Know that you can grow
  • Know that you do deserve success
  • Know that you are an amazing person who can do anything


Humans are a resilient species. When push comes to shove we can achieve amazing things.





5. Environment

Our environment plays an important part in remaining motivated as it can heighten our emotions. When we love the space we live, work, and play in, it is so much easier to motivate ourselves to go there and remain motivated to stay there. If it wasn’t for the fact I live so close to a beautiful, nature lined linear trail there’d be no way I’d motivate myself to ride my bike, (road cycling does nothing for me).

Things to consider regarding catering an indoor environment to enhance motivation include:

  • Clutter factor – it‘s hard to be anything in a room that is full of clutter. I can’t even think straight in a cluttered space
  • The amount of light – from a well-lit office to a softly lit meditation area
  • Privacy – do you need an area where you know you will not be interrupted. Are you able to close a door when needed therefore letting others know not to interrupt when the door is shut?
  • Comfort – you need to feel comfortable in your space (or perhaps uncomfortable if your space is about exercise lol)
  • Inspiring – from paintings to vision boards, inspiring quotes to your favourite trinkets.


Another great thing to have within reach of your environment is a contact list of people we can reach out to for support and re-inspiration.




6. Make Sure You Take Daily Actions

You can sit and visualize all you like

You can give yourself affirmations all day long

You can focus on thinking positive all you like


These things alone will not achieve your goals


You Must Take Action



An athlete will not win any medals without putting in the required training and eating the appropriate diet. Sure he or she uses visualization, affirmations, and positive thinking, to help achieve success, but, without the sweat, and without the right fuel, their success is highly unlikely.

Taking daily actions motivate us as we create forward momentum. Knowing what needs to be done on a daily basis to reach our desires provides us with more reason to get up in the morning feeling energized and enthusiastic about moving closer to our dreams.

Taking daily actions will lead to facing challenges. It is often the overcoming of these challenges, through blood, sweat, and tears, that make us feel alive. Feeling “alive” creates more motivation.




7. Maintain Focus

A mind that has no direction will also have no drive for anything other than basic human impulses. Unfortunately, long-term motivation is not a basic human impulse.

Daily life has a way of distracting us from taking the actions, and thinking the way we need, to achieve the success we desire. Sometimes we become too attached to the things in our lives that create discomfort.

It is, for this reason, we need to make sure we maintain a continual focus on our dreams.

This is where visualization comes into play. Visualising yourself achieving your desire ensuring to also “feel” how it will feel to achieve your desire (as it’s our feelings that act as a strong creative tool) is a fantastic way to maintain focus.


We have our desire

We have a strong reason to achieve it

We have committed to it.

The act of continuing to focus on achieving our desire will provide us with continued motivation to take the action required to succeed.


Reviewing how you will go about achieving your desire, continually tweaking your action plan, also helps to maintain focus




8. Avoid Being A Victim

It’s easy to say things like “I’m not a motivated person”, or, “I’m just lazy”, or, “I need someone to motivate me”, or, “I’ll be more motivated when X happens”….  But the fact of the matter is that motivation is manifested by our own thoughts, intentions and our own actions. No one else can achieve our success for us. It is up to us!



Final Words:

It’s easy to think that motivation comes from somewhere outside of ourselves, but the fact of the matter is that we need to continually create it.


Motivation is not an impulse of the body or a personality trait; it is an intention and will of a free and conscious mind”   Brendon Burchard


We need to use our minds and take appropriate action in order to create the motivation that will create the “better” we seek for our lives.


Knowing that real success is a long-term achievement, knowing how to be motivated long enough to achieve that success is a must. So remember to make sure you:


Have A Strong Reason Why


Remain Positive

Believe / “Know” in Yourself

Create an Environment You Love

Make Sure You Take Daily Actions

Maintain Focus

Avoid Being A Victim


Do these things to maintain your motivations levels and you are well on your way to achieving your success.



P.S. If you know you have the motivation to start your own online business feel free to check out the online marketing education I use.