You may be wondering why I, as an affiliate marketer, have decided to write a blog about mindset. It’s because I know that having the correct mindset is highly important for achieving success of any kind, from starting a new business (like affiliate marketing) to achieving weight loss, to finding the man or woman of your dreams, or even to maintaining overall good health. Whatever your success desire is, mindset matters!

If you are wondering why I know this, considering I haven’t reached success with my affiliate marketing business yet, it’s because I’ve had many other successes in my life.

  • I have been in a wonderful relationship with my partner for nearly 20 years now.
  • I reached what I believe to be the pinnacle of my 17-year career in the fitness industry.
  • I’ve eliminated the need for orthotics from my life after having worn them for many years
  • I have peeled off a few layers of my onion skin to get closer to my true self through years of consistent mindset work.

(and that’s just to name a few)

I was introduced to personal development at the age of 19 years with a book called “Being Happy” by Andrew Mathews and, since then, I have read quite a few more. At the moment my current “Bible” is a book called, “Creating A Bug Free Mind” by Andy Shaw. Of all the personal development books I’ve read, this one is doing it for me big time. I highly recommend checking it out.

Through years of working on my own mindset, I can see how my external world has changed as I’ve changed what’s going on in my internal world. My external world has changed quite a bit actually – but that’s a whole separate blog.

So I guess my point is that yes, mindset matters, and if you do not believe me then pick up any book about achieving success and they will all state that having correct mindset is essential.


So how do we go about achieving a success mindset?

  1. We need to gain control over our minds.
  2. We need to be able to accept what is.
  3. We need to remove our mental blockages. By this I mean:
  • Eliminate viruses from our minds such as negativity, worry, anxiety, low self-esteem, doubts, and fears.
  • Tweaking the way we think and speak about certain things.


Today I will focus on:


1.Gaining Back Control Over Our Minds.


An extremely important skill to have regarding achieving success is being able to control our minds. We need to be able to take back control of all those thoughts that race through our minds every day.

How can you expect to have the correct mindset if you can not control your own mind?


3 Ways To Gain Back Control Of Your Mind


1. Hold A Positive Thought For 15 Seconds

I learned a great exercise to use to gain control of my mind. That exercise is to focus on a positive memory or thought for a minimum of 15 seconds.

The thought can be anything that brings about a feeling of true joy. This might be a wonderful memory you have, or perhaps a vision of the future you plan to create. Whatever the thought, it must make you feel the best feeling you can feel. For me, I see myself riding my future horse. We are cantering and I feel completely connected and free.


Take time to think of what your thought will be.

Once you have it, use a timer to find out how long you can focus on your thought. You may start out achieving 5 seconds. That’s O.K. Do not judge yourself harshly. Be thankful you can last that long. Keep practising until you can focus for a minimum 15 seconds.

Now the challenging part. Be consistent!

(Mind you, taking time out to focus on such a wonderful thought is a pleasurable way to spend a few moments of your day every day).

Focus on your positive thought for 15 seconds every single day whenever you can. You might like to stick up some post-it notes to remind you, places such as in the toilet, on the fridge, or on the bedhead.

Another great time to do this exercise is when you recognize your mind is racing or you are feeling anxious. Choose to replace these states of being with 15 seconds (or longer) of positive thought.

By doing this exercise you are gaining control of your mind. You are also attracting more of that state of the positive feeling you feel (when you think about your positive thought) into your life (I hope that makes sense).


2. Practice Having “No Mind”.

Another way to gain control of your mind is to think of absolutely nothing for as long as possible, go absolutely blank. Do not allow a thought to enter your head. Once again, you can use a timer. Time how long you can hold that state of being in “no thought”. I often do this when I am driving and waiting at the stop lights, when waiting in a line-up, or when walking outside. Focusing on outside sounds, or even just your own breathing can help.



3. Start To Become More Present

Check in on your thoughts as often as you can during the day. Don’t judge them as being good or bad. Simply observe them. When you become aware of a particular thought ask yourself, “Is this thought beneficial to me in achieving my desires? If not, change it for the better! No matter what the thought is, we can always think up of a more positive one.

Summary Of Tasks To Gain Control Of Your Mind

Practice gaining control of your mind by;

  • Focusing on a positive thought for 15 seconds – at least once a day (the more the better)
  • Practice having no thoughts for as long as you can every day.
  • Recognise your thoughts and change the negative ones to positive ones any way you can. There’s always a more positive thought to think.


    Because when you can do these exercises, you are controlling your mind.


To overcome our doubts and fears we all need to be able to control our mind to then choose thoughts that will move us towards our goals rather than away from them. Gaining more control over your mind may take a few weeks or even a few months, and that’s O.K. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. What matters is that you are working towards achieving a success mindset.

Cheers to gaining more control of your mind and therefore your life. 

I do hope this blog about achieving mind control brings you closer to achieving your success. Feel free to leave a comment down below or share this with a friend who you know will appreciate reading it.